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Review: Wasted Youth by Heat Waves

Wasted Youth

Wasted Youth by Heat Waves
Visit the Heat Waves Official Website,
Facebook and Twitter.
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By John Foy

San Antonio, Texas indie pop trio, Heat Waves, is making a big splash. Recently formed in March of 2013 the group is already set to release their first full length album, Wasted Youth. The bands lineup has shuffled over the past few months but current members include Anthony Aguilar, Eric Byler, and Cassandra Morales.

Wasted Youth is a nod to the post punk/shoegaze bands of the past. Complete with jangly guitars, sad melodies, hazy synth, and drums. It’s the proven recipe for success and Heat Waves perform it well. Lead singer Anthony Aguilar’s deep voice even seems to want to sound like Peter Murphy or Ian Curtis. Tracks that stood out were “They Disintegrate”, “Run and Hide”, “Waste”, and “Unexplainable”. Heat Waves are not breaking any new ground with Wasted Youth but that’s not always a terrible thing.

Wasted Youth by Heat Waves
Buy Wasted Youth on Bandcamp.
Visit the Heat Waves Official Website, Facebook or Twitter.

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