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S2Finale :: Verse Chaos Verse :: Buzz Osbourne

Buzz Osbourne

Buzz Osbourne
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This week’s special guest: Buzz Osbourne!

Listen to the episode here:

Episode 21: In this, our season 2 finale, Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne tells us the sickest thing that he’s ever seen on the road. He then talks to us about baseball, the new 7″ of Venom’s Warhead and what will be on SIDE B, but most importantly how awesome it is to make noise for a living. Kevin then makes a bunch of malarkey up before we wrap up this long and surreal season. See you guys back here in a few weeks!

We would like to thank Buzz for coming on and talking with us. He was a freakin’ joy!

Remember! The Melvins will be performing at The Loft in Atlanta on August 5th. You can get your tickets here!

This episode features the songs:

Blood Witch” by Melvins:: iTunes | Amazon

Female Trouble” by Melvins :: iTunes | Amazon

Honey Bucket” by Melvins :: iTunes | Amazon

Boris” by Melvins :: iTunes | Amazon

Verse Chaos Verse Theme” features “Buck Hill” by The Replacements :: iTunes | Amazon

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